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wholesale pizza cheese supplierGood food for a good life.
wholesale pizza cheese

wholesale pizza cheese supplier



Good Food Production and Trading Company is a wholesale  pizza cheese supplier – donut dough – pizza dough and all kinds of the best raisins from Iranian vineyards
Why Good Food  are the best wholesale pizza cheese supplier
Because all our efforts are to supply quality products without intermediation.

In this regard, milk and raw materials entering the factory pass the strictest quality tests.

Good food for a good life.


There are different types of mozzarella cheese and the main type is made from buffalo milk, but currently its production technology is based on cow’s milk.


Fresh mozzarella is generally white, but may turn slightly yellow depending on the seasonal diet of the animals.


Do not be surprised if you see yellow cheese and dairy products.

And do not blame yellowness for cheese spoilage.

 Jaundice is due to the seasonal diet of animals that do not feed on fresh forage in autumn and winter.

In general, there are two types of pizza cheese.

The first type is Pastafila or Mozzarella. Which is actually the main pizza cheese and the second type of pizza cheese is processed

Where the fats and proteins used are of dairy origin (such as butter, casein and caseinate). But dairy in its plant form is a source of fat, plants and protein

Mozzarella cheese is one of the most important products of the Pastafila family. And its origin is in the south of Italy. And in Italian pasta, it is called soft and elastic cheeses.

 The difference between this type of cheese and processed cheese in the production process (using raw cheese or a mixture of several types of cheese). In fact, processed cheese by mixing one or more different types of cheese (with varying degrees of ripeness) with raw cheese as the main ingredient and adding an authorized emulsifier and heating the mixture under appropriate conditions (stirring and obtaining a mixture Uniform) produced. Becomes.

Although cow’s milk is used in both types of cheese, mozzarella is made from whole, high-fat buffalo milk, so it is less fat than cow’s milk cheese.


In processed pizza cheese, milk is largely removed from the fat in the milk after pasteurization.

And that makes processed pizza cheese low in fat, but that is not the case with mozzarella pizza cheese. And this process makes pizza cheese mozzarella rich in fat.

On the other hand, getting the milk fat in processed pizza cheese makes it cheaper than mozzarella pizza cheese.

On the other hand, the high fat of mozzarella has made it delicious and has found many fans in the world and has become the main pizza cheese, which is more popular in Europe.

Processed pizza cheese usually has 15% fat, 18% protein and 1% salt, which if it contains vegetable fat, 17% protein. Mozzarella cheese has 18% low fat and 22% high fat, 17% protein and 1% salt

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Good Food invite you for buy the best types of Cheese Pizza, Dough and French Fries.

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