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Processed Cheese Pizza

Processed Cheese Pizza is produced by mixing ground natural cheeses with emulsifying agents and using heat under relative vacuum.

Mozzarella Cheese Pizza

Mozzarella Cheese Pizza is made from fresh milk. The value of this cheese is beyond its taste and calories. In addition to calcium, this cheese has many health benefits.


Pizza dough is the raw material and base for cooking pizza. All pizza ingredients are placed on the dough. The quality of the pizza depends to a large extent on the pizza dough and its quality.

Piroshki Dough

Piroshki Dough, a type of pastry that is enriched with eggs and butter during preparation. After resting, the dough is fried in hot red oil and finally flavored with a variety of procedures.

French Fries

Frozen semi-fried potato slices are pieces of potatoes with different shapes that have undergone the processes of processing, half-cooking, drying, half-frying and freezing.

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